Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Becoming little buddies

Hudson has a love/hate relationship for Norah! But lately it is becoming more of a love then a hate! He wants her to be with us or he wants to get her! He especially loves getting her out of bed!

Rainey Christmas bowling party

We went bowling for the Rainey Christmas party! Hudson had a blast and was of course a wild thing who ran down the lane twice!!!! He is too quick!

Such the imagination

Hudson has started to have such an imagination lately! It is so cute but can also be bad because he gets scared of things that aren't really there! For instance, every time we are eating dinner he talks about the tiger in the corner that's gonna get us! So I have to look at the empty corner and say " no no tiger. Be nice to us!" Then Hudson wants to pet him and wants me to give the tiger huggies! Haha he is silly. Here is a pic from my mom he was apparently feeding the bear and reading to him!

Sick baby

My sweet little Norah was sick yesterday with what seemed like the stomach bug! She had a fever as well and was just so tired! She was still such a trooper and still cracked a couple smiles! Sweet little baby with her sick flushed cheeks! :(

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy thanksgiving!

We had a fun thanksgiving with family! Ryan and Lindsey and their kids came into town so we got to have a fun day with them the Wednesday before thanksgiving. We made lunch and the kids played together then we took them on a secret adventure to airborne! They had a blast and even Hudson and Brady jumped off the big kid jump! Something I would ever do myself! After that Brendon and Ryan cooked us a yummy jalopeno chicken on the grill! On thanksgiving day we went to grandma crumps for breakfast and grandma Peggy's for dinner! Then I did a little blank Friday shopping! It was insane but I was able to get some fun things for Hudson!!

3 months!

Norah turned 3 months in November and got such a personality!! She is so smiley and giggly! She has her fussy times too though! Bren would tell you she is more fussy then not because he watches them a couple nights a week while I work at segolily and that is her fussy time if day!! Both kids are so much fun though!! I am so lucky to be their mama!

Norah's blessing day 11/4/12

Beautiful Norah was blessed by her daddy on 11/4/12. Poor Brendon woke up with the stomach flu but came to bless her and then had to go home and crash! He gave such a beautiful blessing! She looked so pretty in her blessing dress that my mom and Corinne surprised me with by getting it specially made from parts of my wedding dress! It was so special!!